About Carlo Cerchioli photojournalist

Carlo Cerchioli is a photojournalist of found experience based in Milan, Italy; his portraits and features are published on the national and international press. He covers finance and economy news as well as the main political and social issues. He has produced features on specifical topics as Haiti, Ticino river, Stock Exchange, Cinema, Immigrants, Struggles of AlfaRomeo workers, etc. He works on editorial and corporate assignements for portraits, features and documentary works. He has been contributor of Grazia Neri Photoagency. His photos have been shown at many exhibitions and some of his works have been acquired by the archives of Museo Fotografia Contemporanea and La Triennale of Milan. He is author of the books: "Ticino, le voci del fiume", a reportage about Ticino river with text by Giuseppe Cederna, published by Excelsior 1881, Milan 2009; "Haiti. Dalle Macerie" with text by Roberto Di Caro, bublished by il Saggiatore, Milan 2010.